Camera-equipped mobile devices, image-editing applications and photo-sharing platforms have led to a revolution in visual media. This talk will look at some of the ways these developments can be harnessed to provide opportunities for learner-centred tasks using student-generated images. Emphasis will be placed on practical ideas for classroom and project-based activities using both web-based and […]

My workshop looks at how applying the principles and elements of gamification can promote and encourage greater engagement with teacher development. Using a website called ‘The School’ that I have been developing, I will demonstrate how encouraging teachers to complete a variety of real-world and online challenges, as well as competing or collaborating with their […]

Thanks to the rapidly increasing adoption of mobile communications and wireless technologies, language educators are now empowered to sculpt interactions and design learning experiences using the real world as their canvas. City streets, shopping centres, cafés and cemeteries can be augmented with new layers of meaning and narrative as learner/players use their language skills to […]

Starting with some twists on the classic “directions” lesson before moving into less familiar, even uncharted territory, George Chilton and Neil McMillan present a workshop full of high- and low-tech ideas for using maps in the classroom. As images which imply particular political, historical and other perspectives, maps can be used to involve students in […]