In this practical session we will explore the impact of video game images in popular culture and looks at how the use of video game characters and games can be used in class to encourage speaking, writing and language development. Teachers will come away with practical ideas for using video games in the classroom. Kyle Mawer […]

My workshop looks at how applying the principles and elements of gamification can promote and encourage greater engagement with teacher development. Using a website called ‘The School’ that I have been developing, I will demonstrate how encouraging teachers to complete a variety of real-world and online challenges, as well as competing or collaborating with their […]

Thanks to the rapidly increasing adoption of mobile communications and wireless technologies, language educators are now empowered to sculpt interactions and design learning experiences using the real world as their canvas. City streets, shopping centres, cafés and cemeteries can be augmented with new layers of meaning and narrative as learner/players use their language skills to […]

Video games are now 50 years old. No longer the exclusive realm of kids, video games are played by people of all ages, including your students. An increase in the sophistication of computer graphics is partly the reason why they have become more popular. In this talk, I’ll be talking about why teachers should be interested […]

Now you can choose when and how to learn: anytime, anywhere, 30 seconds or 30 minutes, at home or on the go. Teach yourself the basics, or give yourself a challenge. Explore Cambridge University Press apps to find out more.  Presenter will show you what’s out there to help you learn and/or practice English with […]

BYOD or 1:1 Ipad programs? This session aims to look at different realities in Brazil and how important it is to consider each scenario when deciding which program to adopt. The second part of the session will be devoted to the presentation of a few apps and activities.