In this practical session we will explore the impact of video game images in popular culture and looks at how the use of video game characters and games can be used in class to encourage speaking, writing and language development. Teachers will come away with practical ideas for using video games in the classroom. Kyle Mawer […]

Picture this: students gazing out the window, imagining themselves after class, talking to friends or fantasising about the weekend. Picture this: students who feel shy or inhibited when talking about themselves, at a loss for words. Picture this: heaps of ideas using photographs either taken by students themselves or from resources like #ELTpics to keep […]

Camera-equipped mobile devices, image-editing applications and photo-sharing platforms have led to a revolution in visual media. This talk will look at some of the ways these developments can be harnessed to provide opportunities for learner-centred tasks using student-generated images. Emphasis will be placed on practical ideas for classroom and project-based activities using both web-based and […]

From digital cameras to mental snapshots, images have the power to stimulate, activate and motivate. They can be springboards, centrepieces or memory hooks. They build bridges with the world outside the classroom.  In this hands-on workshop we’ll be exploring how to unleash their power through a series of detailed practical lesson ideas aimed at a […]

This talk will look at practical classroom ideas using critical and subversive images. Drawing on social justice and anti-racism fields of education we will see how images can be used to raise awareness of issues without becoming an earnest finger-wagging exercise in morality. At the very least, you should come away with some good ideas […]

In this workshop we will look at how we can develop materials and change our learners’ perspective on image, culture and people, exploring various clips and websites that can enrich the classroom with student-generated materials. We’ll look at typical topics and activities to help our learners explore useful websites: language and skills activities to ensure […]

Starting with some twists on the classic “directions” lesson before moving into less familiar, even uncharted territory, George Chilton and Neil McMillan present a workshop full of high- and low-tech ideas for using maps in the classroom. As images which imply particular political, historical and other perspectives, maps can be used to involve students in […]

At the end of your classes each day, can you say that you have done something new? The aim of this workshop is to activate our creative mindsets. Through practical examples, teachers will be invited to connect, discover, and share experiences that can lead to substantial learning. We will look at how images, sounds, and […]