Classroom Cartography: practical ideas for teaching with maps

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Starting with some twists on the classic “directions” lesson before moving into less familiar, even uncharted territory, George Chilton and Neil McMillan present a workshop full of high- and low-tech ideas for using maps in the classroom. As images which imply particular political, historical and other perspectives, maps can be used to involve students in imagining spaces, constructing narratives, developing vocabulary and honing communicative skills.

Neil McMillan, currently teaching and teacher-training at Oxford House in Barcelona, has spent most of his career in his native Scotland, working in the Further Education system with groups of asylum seekers and refugees, and passing his Diploma in 2004. He is currently interested in high- and low-tech teaching, how English is taught in developing countries, and using authentic materials in the classroom. Meanwhile, he contributes regularly to the lesson-planning blog.

George Chilton has taught English as a second language to young learners, teenagers and adults in South Korea and Barcelona, Spain. George is interested in high and low-tech student-centred classes, with a focus on using authentic materials. He began the lesson sharing blog Designer Lessons ( ) in December 2012, and has since moved into TEFL publishing, working on lesson plans and student books for an international school.