Video in our lessons has the power to INTEREST and engage learners. Content-rich video can also INFORM so that students learn something new about the world. And thirdly, effective use of video allows us to INTEGRATE it into our language teaching at any level. In this presentation I’ll illustrate these three i’s by using video […]

We very rarely hear a disembodied voice in real life but as teachers we constantly ask our students to work with recorded conversations of people they never see. Teaching technologies: Teaching English using video, Mark McKinnon,, 2005 Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Advances in technology over the last 8 years have given us […]

In this talk and workshop I’ll present three of the most common types of video that are produced for ELT materials: vox pops interviews, documentary narration and scripted dramas. I talk about the challenges of writing these types of video and we’ll try some writing activities to develop scripts for videos. The session is based […]

In this practical workshop we will look at a range of classroom activities inspired by clips from short films, TV and YouTube. These activities focus on a variety of language areas and skills, including listening, pronunciation, and speaking. The activities can easily be adapted to use with many other clips. Participants will get a number […]

In this workshop we will look at how we can develop materials and change our learners’ perspective on image, culture and people, exploring various clips and websites that can enrich the classroom with student-generated materials. We’ll look at typical topics and activities to help our learners explore useful websites: language and skills activities to ensure […]

From the BBC’s series Follow Me in the 1970s to the YouTube Generation and the Decentralized Classroom, how has the role of video changed in the last 40 years? This talk will look at how the moving image has moved on and analyse what may happen in the future. Ben Goldstein has taught English for over twenty […]