At the end of your classes each day, can you say that you have done something new? The aim of this workshop is to activate our creative mindsets. Through practical examples, teachers will be invited to connect, discover, and share experiences that can lead to substantial learning. We will look at how images, sounds, and […]

This workshop will outline the“best practices” for using video in the English language classrooms. There will be a practical focus on the “how” and “what” of video teaching.  Teachers will learn practical activities they can use with any video and also discover the best videos for language teaching.  The workshop will cover; 1.  Rationale: Why […]

This practical workshop aims at sharing ideas of how images and videos that language teachers often use in the classroom can be used to trigger deeper learning. Presenters will start the session by telling a story based on images to expand  on how the brain works, and what it needs to turn information into knowledge. […]

Teaching a language nowadays demands a lot from us teachers in order to meet our students’ wants and needs. This workshop aims to present the audience with very interesting tools such as videos, songs and images which involve students, raise their level of motivation and lead them to a real sense of achievement and learner […]

Based on an international collaborative project, teachers and students from three countries met online to produce a video together sharing media in the Cloud. A highlight was the participation of special education needs and gifted students along with regular students to build language and intercultural competence.

In this presentation we propose to show some student produced videos of teachers from public schools both in Sao Paulo and Brasilia and suggest activities that could be used to raise awareness in teenage students of topics that are considered important by other youth as themselves.