Magdalena Dygala talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens


Magdalena Dygała is describing her session on “Classroom video projects”:

Using technology in the EFL classroom has become predominant in today’s educational environment. This fact contributes to the constant enhancement of approaches and methods of teaching to engage students in the learning process. Being a fast-paced generation, students become dependent on electronic devices, such as tablets, mobile phones or digital cameras; so why not make use of them in the classroom?

In this workshop we will investigate ways in which video projects can be used in the EFL classroom as a means to motivate students, foster their critical thinking, enhance their language skills, as well as increase their self-efficacy.

If you want to get some tips on how to make your class an unforgettable experience for your students, then come and ‘see it, hear it and do it’ with me. In this workshop you will get inspired by ‘crazy video adventures’ which will give you ideas on how you can engage your students in the process of learning.

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