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Anna Whitcher talks about her Image Conference experience in Athens

Anna Whitcher, who delivered a training session on ‘Language learning through video creation’, talks about her experience at the Image Conference in Athens. 1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference? This year’s image conference at New York College had something very special about it. Maybe it was the warm Athens’ light on that […]

Chrysa Papalazarou talks about her plenary session at the Image Conference Athens

  Chrysa Papalazarou  writes about her plenary session ‘Paint me a world: artful visuals in the language class’ at the Image Conference in Athens. Five years ago, out of professional curiosity, I started using artful visuals with my upper primary classes as an alternative way towards creating a more affective and effective learning experience. This […]

Gergő Fekete talks about his session at the Image Conference in Athens

In this article Gergő Fekete, talks about his session ‘Global issues through visuals: the story of three case studies’ The 21st century has brought many changes to our life and these changes have not left the field of education unaddressed, either. As an EFL learner and now a fresh EFL teacher, I have observed two major […]

Emma Pratt talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens

Emma Pratt is writing about her workshop ‘Ways of Seeing’ at The Image Conference in Athens. As artist in residence at IATEFL last year I spent the week in a temporary studio creating visual work that responded to the plenary speakers’ presentations. Being in one place and having a fixed brief for the conference gave me […]