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Grace Alchini talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens

In this article Grace Alchini talks about her session “Using infographics as a tool for collaborative learning” at the Image Conference in Athens I firmly believe that, as language teachers, we must go beyond the development of students’ language and linguistic skills. We are teaching people, and in the case of having school and university […]

Irini – Renika Papakammenou talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens

Irini-Renika Papakammenou writes about her session “Ways of involving learners in assessment using images” at the Image Conference in Athens. Assessment is an integral part of instruction and classroom based assessment can enhance and empower students’ learning and improve teachers’ instructional programs. Alternative forms of assessment or authentic assessment that go beyond tests and quizzes […]

Magdalena Dygala talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens

Magdalena Dygała is describing her session on “Classroom video projects”: Using technology in the EFL classroom has become predominant in today’s educational environment. This fact contributes to the constant enhancement of approaches and methods of teaching to engage students in the learning process. Being a fast-paced generation, students become dependent on electronic devices, such as […]

Jade Blue talks about her session at the Image Conference in Athens

  Drawing in the ELT Classroom to Explore Social Justice Jade Blue The artist Maurizio Cattelan once said: ‘Whatever comes after you’ve done your work, it doesn’t belong to you.  You can’t control it.’  For me, this is the power of the visual arts, that the viewer’s response becomes as legitimate as the artist’s intention.  […]

Jade Blue Talks about her Session at the Image Conference in Lisbon

  Jade Blue is a teacher, trainer, research consultant and editor based in Brighton. Here she talks about her session “Learner Generated Visuals” which she will be presenting at the Image Conference in Lisbon on 13th October. From timelines to illustrations, the term ‘Learner Generated Visuals’ covers any visual or image created by the learner […]

Dave Tucker Talks about his Image Conference Session in Lisbon

  Dave Tucker is Portugal-based teacher, trainer,  and author. Watch a video and read an article in which Dave talks about his session on multisensory learning at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Friday evening, 13th October.   Remember times when you ask your students to bring along something from home for the next lesson? It might […]

Ceri Jones Answers The Image Conference Questionnaire

Teacher, trainer and writer Ceri Jones answers The Image Conference questionnaire. Your favourite film/work of art/video game: I’m hopeless at answering any questions with “favourite” in them but the one that bubbles to the top is Daunbailo (Down by Law) by Jim Jarmusch. I love the use of black and white and the play on […]

Kieran Donaghy Talks about a Visual Manifesto for Language Teaching

In this video teacher, trainer and writer talks about his session with editor and film producer Anna Whithcer, A Visual Manifesto for Language Teaching, at The Image Conference in Córdoba on 22nd November.     You can find out more about Kieran and Anna, and their session below.       Kieran Donaghy Kieran Donaghy […]