Ceri Jones Answers The Image Conference Questionnaire


Teacher, trainer and writer Ceri Jones answers The Image Conference questionnaire.

Your favourite film/work of art/video game:

I’m hopeless at answering any questions with “favourite” in them but the one that bubbles to the top is Daunbailo (Down by Law) by Jim Jarmusch. I love the use of black and white and the play on words and language and the great combination of Roberto Benigni and Tom Waits.


Here’s a very short clip



Your favourite video to use in class:

Again, favourite is a difficult concept for me, so grabbing onto the first one that surfaces, I love this video of Since I Left You by the Avalanches, because it tells a good story, because of the use of black and white again, and the contrast with colour and because of all the references to so many musicals.


Useful image-related teaching tool:

Mosaicmaker by big huge labs is still one of my favourites. I guess because it’s so easy to use and accessible for students to create and share.



Why are you interested in using images in your classes?

Because they are powerful in so many ways, activating ideas, stories and feelings, creating a desire to communicate and a frame for learning.  And so many other things that we’ll be exploring during the conference (and during my session!)



What should your audience expect to learn?

I hope we’ll all be able to explore the role of images in our classrooms and maybe extend the uses we put them to and our appreciation of those uses.



What are three words that sum up your session?

Practical, creative, collaborative


Which other presenter(s) are you looking forward to seeing?

Everybody!  It’s great to be able to dedicate a whole day to such an interesting theme.


Find out more about Ceri and her session below.





Ceri Jones

Ceri Jones is a freelance teacher, trainer and materials writer. She has been working in ELT since 1986 and in Spain since 1998. She has been involved in materials writing for a range of contexts. Coursebook series she has worked on include Inside Out, Straightforward and The Big Picture.  She is particularly interested in student-centred materials and activities. She writes about her experiences and her experiments on her blog,  Close Upwww.cerij.wordpress.com.

Into, through and beyond – exploring the role of images in the classroom

Mirror, mask, framework, porthole, confidence booster, memory hook, means to an end, these are just a few of the roles we’ll be exploring as we look at (and into) a series of practical classroom ideas and activities using still images.  The ideas will cover a range of language levels, teaching contexts and class types.


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