Anna Whitcher talks about her training session at the Image Conference in Athens


In this article Anna Whitcher talks about her training session on “Language learning through video creation” at the Image Conference in Athens.

Sunday 7th October at 11:00 – 12: 40

Video used to be something that happened only with fancy production companies and rigid script writing. The good news for us in ELT is that this is all changing now with the increasing accessibility to technology and a growing need for authentic material. Video creation is essentially already in our own hands and the hands of our students. We just need to have the basic skills to facilitate it and this workshop at the Image Conference in Athens can be a first step.

Get ready to learn about storyboarding and how to make a mini-documentary. Find out what a voxpop is and how to write effective questions so you get the answers you want. For your more theatrical students, learn how to create a story arc from target language points and develop interesting characters. Determine when it’s best to have a team of six or a team of one when creating a video and why it’s OK to put the control into the hands of your students.

I will be taking participants through the different types of existing ELT video and how they each follow a particular structure. You’ll learn some basic filmmaking terms in the process so that you can integrate the video creation process into your lesson plans. I will be giving you some classroom management ideas to consider while filming along with some essential tools for having a successful classroom experience.

We have a lot to cover in this workshop, but you will walk away with several practical approaches to creating video in the classroom or on your own. Who knows? Filmmaking may be in your future! Publishers today need creative minds and an openness to thinking differently. This could be your first training to establishing a new angle on your career in ELT or to reinvigorating your classroom. Let’s get you started!

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