Frank McGirr Talks about his Session at the Image Conference Lisbon



Frank McGirr is  a teacher and photographer based in Gernmany. Here Frank  talks about his session on  at the Image Conference in Lisbon.

I am an advocate of flipped learning who has developed pioneering new ways of using the approach in language learning. Student centred,self-discovery lies at the heart of flipped learning, a characteristic I utilise in my presentations. Attendees gain insight through prior exposure, experience and participation. Delegates are required to complete a learning exercise before coming to conference, and take part in paired discussion at the conference. Please watch this video and complete the learning activity mentioned in it before the conference.


I will lead the audience through the process of creating flipped learning lessons, and convey that not only is the use of video and images engaging – it is central to language learning.


By 2021, IP video traffic will account for 82 percent of all Internet traffic. This shift to video has led to the collapse in the market for traditional text books**. In his talk,Frank will demonstrate how teachers can create video rich lessons, will show examples of material he produces for his film club, and discuss the pros and cons for teachers,students and institutions of using a flipped learning approach


How Flipped Learning maximises film and video’s potential


Frank Mc Girr was born in Ireland. He moved to London in 1990 and lived for 18 years. Before moving to Germany he completed a CELTA course at St. Giles College in Highgate. He holds a Fine Art Degree, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from Central Saint Martins College of Art.

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