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Vicky Papageorgiou writes about her session at the Image Conference 2018 in Athens

Read about Vicky Papageorgiou’s session ‘Escaping normalization with Foucault: empowering the self through visualization and reflection’ at the Image Conference 2018 in Athens on Sunday 7th October. In Foucault’s work central is always the issue of power. He talks about a «panoptic» body that monitors and one which transforms the individual into an object of […]

Chrysa Papalazarou talks about her plenary session at the Image Conference Athens

  Chrysa Papalazarou  writes about her plenary session ‘Paint me a world: artful visuals in the language class’ at the Image Conference in Athens. Five years ago, out of professional curiosity, I started using artful visuals with my upper primary classes as an alternative way towards creating a more affective and effective learning experience. This […]

Provisional Schedule for the Image Conference 2018 Now Available

  The schedule and provisional programme for the fourth edition of The Image Conference organised by New York College in Athens on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October are now available. There is an impressive line up of leading experts and practicioners in the use of images in language learning who share their experiences, insights […]