Vicky Papageorgiou writes about her session at the Image Conference 2018 in Athens


Read about Vicky Papageorgiou’s session ‘Escaping normalization with Foucault: empowering the self through visualization and reflection’ at the Image Conference 2018 in Athens on Sunday 7th October.

In Foucault’s work central is always the issue of power. He talks about a «panoptic» body that monitors and one which transforms the individual into an object of information and not a subject of communication. Consequently, we are talking about the creation of submissive bodies. Therefore, if in institutions such as school develop such power/knowledge relationships within it, then knowledge is linked to the exercise of sovereignty. The question, which is therefore reasonably posed, is whether we can finally get out of such a surveillance policy. How can one change the education system?
In this workshop we will present reflective practices through visualization techniques that can help empower the student through self-assessment and through the realization of the limits and weaknesses of thought.

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