Sandie Mourao Talks about her Plenary Session at the Image Conference in Lisbon



Teacher educator, author and educational consultant Sandie Mourao talks about her plenary session “Picturebooks and their films: multimodality on pages and screens” at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Saturday 14th October.




Sandie Mourão (PhD) is a teacher educator, author and educational consultant. She is co-editor of ‘Early Years Second Language Education: International Perspectives on Theory and Practice’ (Routledge) and the open access ‘Children’s Literature in English Language Education journal’ []. Her research interests include early years language learning, picturebooks in language learning and classroom-based research.


Picturebooks and their films: multimodality on pages and screens


Literacy pedagogy has been expanded to include a variety of text forms, moving away from a single focus on the word and recognizing other representational modes such as the visual image, sound, gesture and spatial organisation (New London Group, 1996). Multimodal texts like picturebooks and film can bring these different modes into the classroom and afford opportunities for teachers and learners to use English through interaction with and around these texts. This plenary will look at two picturebooks and their short animated films. Each is suitable for language learning in different contexts, from primary through to secondary education. I will analyze the different teaching / learning affordances each book and its film offers and suggest ways in which they can be integrated successfully into a learning programme ensuring that learners are actively involved in thinking and interpreting through English.

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