Paul Braddock Talks about his Image Conference Experience





1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference?

The best thing about this conference and the first conference in Barcelona was the huge variety of talks. There are so many interpretations on how to use images for language learning and I felt that all the speakers I saw gave a unique and fascinating angle on the theme. On top of this, the organisation of the conference by International House, Córdoba and Kieran was excellent. There was a great atmosphere throughout the conference and a real warmth about the whole event.


2. How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to?

I guess the fact that all the talks were based around a single broad theme meant that there was a clear purpose and thread running through the event, which is different from other conferences I’ve attended. I liked this and felt that all the participants had a very clear reason for attending.


3. What were the main discussion points to arise in The Image Conference?

To be honest, I struggled to join in too many of the discussions as I was probably planning and thinking too much about my own talk. What always stands out for me, and what makes face-to-face conferences so much better than online conferences, is the opportunity to spend ‘proper’ time with other people and talk about a whole range of things. I found the closing plenary with Kieran and Anna raised a lot of discussion at the end of the conference and the idea of a ‘visual manifesto’ is an interesting concept.


4. Are there any practical activities you saw in The Image Conference which you’re going to use in your classes?


5. Where would you like The Image Conference to be held in the future?
I hear that the next Image Conference is dues to be held in Munich, which would be a great place to visit!

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