John Hughes


John Hughes talks about his keynote session at The Image Conference.


You can read more about John and his session here.


Writing scripts for ELT video


John  Hughes National Geographic Learning

16.15 – 17.15 Aula magna

In this talk and workshop I’ll present three of the most common types of video that are produced for ELT materials: vox pops interviews, documentary narration and scripted dramas. I talk about the challenges of writing these types of video and we’ll try some writing activities to develop scripts for videos. The session is based on my own experiences of writing video scripts for ELT publishers and upon my work with training and mentoring new ELT writers.

John Hughes has worked in ELT for over twenty years as a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies. He regularly runs training and workshops for teachers in different countries, including a course in ELT writing at Oxford University. He is a well-known author and co-author of ELT course books and video materials. His latest project is a six-level course series called ‘Life’ which draws on National Geographic content.

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