Interview with Lindsay Clandfield


Award-winning writer, teacher and trainer Lindsay Clandfield answers The Image Conference questionnaire.


Your favourite game website: 

My favourite game website is called Conquer Club. It’s basically the board game Risk, online.


Your favourite video to use in class:

I know that it sounds like a plug, but recently I’ve loved using the Global e-workbook videos with Beginners. They were written by Robert Campbell, and they’re so funny and creative.


Useful film image-related teaching tool:

I’ve been making stuff using Piktochart recently and am interested in infographics as a reading genre.


Why are you interested in using images your classes? 

I think that images can provide a concrete and engaging hook into discussing critical issues.


What should your audience expect to learn?

Ways that critical and subversive images can be exploited in class in a structured way.


What are three words that sum up your session?

Critical subversive imagery


Which other presenter are you looking forward to seeing?

I’ve been wanting to see Ben Goldstein’s talk on the history of the moving image in ELT for some time so that will be great.


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3 comments on “Interview with Lindsay Clandfield

  1. Really interesting interview.

  2. Like! Excited to see it all.