Helena Oliveira and Celeste Simões Talk about their Session at the Image Conference in Lisbon



Helena Oliveira and Celeste Simões are both Portugal-based teachers and trainers. Here they talk about their session “The Power of Images in the Classroom”, at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Friday 13th October. 

You don’t need to be a tech savvy to make your lessons more motivating for your students; the right image will do that for you!

Images tell stories, help us learn, grab our attention and inspire us. Images are the perfect means to develop our students’ creativity, imagination and/or sensibility as well as their visualization skills, critical awareness and communication skills.

In the session “The Power of Images in the Classroom”, on Friday 13th October,we will present you some of the activities we have already developed with our students – from age 9 to age 16 – and the results we got. You will find nothing difficult about these ideas and you will be able to put them into practice the following week. You will hear our students describe their pets, you will see their interpretation of famous paintings, understand how committed they are through their activism campaigns, familiarize with their feelings and wishes for the future, read their stories and poems.

So do come and join us in a session where voice will be given to our students and their work.



Helena Oliveira has a degree in Modern Languages and Literature (FLUC), and holds a master’s degree in English Didactics (FCSH-UNL). She teaches English to pre-teens and teenagers. She is an APPI member, actively participates in their conferences and seminars.

Celeste Simões has a degree in English and German (FLUC) and a PhD in Translation Studies (FLUC). She is an EFL materials writer and teacher trainer with more than 25 years’ teaching experience.


The Power of Images in the Classroom


There are many different ways to use images in the classroom, and it doesn’t take that much to create a wonderful lesson with our students. We welcome you on this journey through a bunch of simple, easy to use activities ready for next lesson.

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