Daniel Barber Talks about his Session


Trainer, coach and materials writer Daniel Barber talks about his session on the role of neuroscience and brain imaging in language teaching in this fascinating video.

You can read more about Daniel and his session at The Image Conference below.


Functionally Resonant: the magnetic allure of brain imaging

Daniel Barber has about 89 billion neurons in his head. What they’re for, he’s not so sure. Perhaps as a teacher and trainer in Mexico, England, Barcelona and Cádiz, he’s helped to rewire learners’ brains for the better, although that’s more than likely wishful thinking. Both hemispheres are currently employed writing course books and other materials.

I’m going to discuss the impressive images of the brain currently being generated by neuroscience and what I think they may mean for our field of language learning. I will describe some of the limitations and fallacies concerning brain science. At the same time I want to explore the very real images we all conjure in our brains when we think, read, talk and learn. In so doing I will answer the biggest question of all: what is a conference about images doing at the centre of the TEFL world?



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