Cathy Salonikidis’s Experience at The Image Conference Brussels


Cathy Salonikidis writes about her experience as a speaker and delegate at The Image Conference Brussels.



  1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference?

Apart from all the inspiring talks, the innovative ideas and meeting old friends and making new ones, what I really enjoyed the most is the warmth of this amazing Image family!



  1. How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to?

The Image Conference is different from other conferences as it focuses mainly on one  specific topic, the Image,  and you know what you are there for.



  1. Sum up your talk briefly.

My workshop was   presentation on how to transform the “unpleasant” task of reading into something creative and stimulating by getting students to make their own artbook based on their reading task. Students will never be bored with reading again as it involves collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication.




  1. What were the main discussion points to arise in The Image Conference?



The main discussion points were how simple images can change the way we teach and how these images can provoke teachers into creating a more innovative learning environment for our students.

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