Rob Howard Talks about his Image Conference Experience


Rob Howard, who talked about how to use video effectively in ELT, answers the Image Conference questionnaire and talks about his experience in Valetta, Malta.

 1.What did you enjoy about The Image Conference?

The networking with colleagues, the chance to share and hear new ideas.


2.How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to?

Better than the large conferences as there was less to miss and more networking opportunities.


3. What were the main discussion points to arise in The Image Conference?

The best points were to realize the power of the image and how easy it is to turn images into tools of learning.


4. Where would you like to see the next edition of The Image Conference held?

Portugal, Poland, Prague.


Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center which sponsors EFLtalks. He is a teacher and writer for EFL and a consultant and speaker regarding online retention and using technology in and out of the classroom. He is the founder of EFLtalks, building an online worldwide PLN+ for teachers.

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