Kieran Donaghy Talks about his Session at The Image Conference


kieran donaghy ELTONS  interview 2013

Teacher, trainer and writer Kieran Donaghy talks about his opening plenary session Teaching English Through Film in a World of Screens at The Image Conferencec in Córdoba on 22nd November.


You can find out more about Kieran and his talk below.

film video


Kieran Donaghy

Kieran Donaghy is a teacher, trainer and award-winning writer based in Barcelona with a special interest in the use of film in education. He works at UAB Idiomes Barcelona. His website on the use of film in language teaching Film English won a British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources, and the most prestigious European media in education prize, the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Media in 2013. He is the co-author of Films in Health Sciences Education, and his methodology book on the use of film in language teaching for the Delta Teacher Development Series will be published in April 2015.

Using Film to Teach English in a World of Screens

The advent of the digital revolution and the Internet, the proliferation of mobile devices, which allow us to easily and proficiently capture moving images; the introduction of inexpensive, accessible and user-friendly editing tools; and the emergence of distribution sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, have changed the way moving images relate to society, education and language learning forever. This session examines and offers guidance on using moving images critically and creatively in language teaching in a world of screens.


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