Ina Gray Answers The Image Conference Questionnaire



Ina S. Gray is the Head of Language Centre, University of Wismar, Germany. With a background in European Studies and higher education didactics, Ina has been working as a lecturer at the university’s Language Centre since 2008. Her passion lies in the psychology of teaching and learning. In Ina’s session at The Image Conference in Munich on Saturday 5th December she will be talking about student-produced videos as a tool for learning through teaching. Here Ina answers The Image Conference Questionnaire.


Tell us a bit about your session:


This session addresses student-produced videos in the context of the learning-through-teaching approach. I am going to talk about the students’ task, the options they have for producing their video and how their videos are then used in mini-tutorials in which students become teachers for their fellow students.



Why are you interested in using film / video / images / games in your classes? (choose one or two options)


The two (or even three)-channel-principle of videos, seeing / listening (and possibly reading), helps students to better remember vocabulary, language structure and pronunciation. Student-produced videos serve an additional purpose: Students can identify with the video’s protagonists which allows them to build a stronger link between themselves and the topic at hand.


What should your audience expect to learn?


Finding out about the learning-through-teaching approach and trying it out with extremely motivating results was an eye-opener in the  development of my own teaching skills. The session might therefore be of interest to those who are not familiar with the concept.


What are three words that sum up your session?


Student-centred, fun learning.


Which other presenter(s) are you looking forward to seeing?


I am greatly looking forward to Claire Hart and Helen Strong’s sessions since I expect to be able to take away inspiration and new ideas for my own teaching.

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