Emma Louise Pratt Talks about her Session at the Image Conference


Emma is the developer of the 2016 ELTons nominated “TEFL
Preparation Course” from ELTcampus, an online platform she also
co-founded and developed. She is an online learning developer,
writer and has been an English teacher since 1999 and is currently
involved with CLIL. She is a practicing artist with a degree in Fine
Arts, a post-graduate in Museology and more recently programming
and web design. She has also worked in museum education
and run a nationwide artists in schools project in New Zealand.

In this video Emma talks about her session at the Image Conference in Valetta. Malta on 6th October.

Here is more information about Gemma’s session

An “Artists in Schools” Programme:
How Can I Implement One in My Language School or Institution?
An “Artists in Schools” programme involves schools in partnership
with artists to create diverse learning experiences. As an artist, I
worked on a visual project with English language students in a
Spanish school. I will reflect on that experience and look at what
makes a successful “Artists in Schools” project.

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