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Jean Sciberras Talks about her Image Conference experience

  1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference? Selfishly speaking, I actually enjoyed very much sharing my ideas in my workshop and seeing the participants so involved.   2. How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to? Very visual and attention grabbing.    3. What were the main discussion points to […]

Emma Louise Pratt Talks about her Session at the Image Conference

Emma is the developer of the 2016 ELTons nominated “TEFL Preparation Course” from ELTcampus, an online platform she also co-founded and developed. She is an online learning developer, writer and has been an English teacher since 1999 and is currently involved with CLIL. She is a practicing artist with a degree in Fine Arts, a […]

The Image Conference Córdoba Programme Now Available

The programme for the third edition of The Image Conference, the only conference in the world exclusively on the use of images in ELT, to be held in Córdoba, Spain on 22nd November is now available. The line-up is impressive, full of leading experts in the use of photos, art, video, films and video games […]