Andreia Zakime Talks about her Session at the Image Conference, Malta



Andréia Zakime is a teacher, teacher trainer and course designer. She works at the Academic Department of Cultura Inglesa São Paulo and holds an MA in Publishing and Editorial Design. Andréia has a keen interest in the use of student-generated content to enable learners to act as protagonists in the learning process.



You can read more about Andrea’s session here:


Using Pinterest to Promote Genuine Communication and Enhance Personalised Learning

This talk aims at sharing the findings of the use of Pinterest, an interactive visual discovery tool, in a C1 level class in Brazil. I will provide the audience with a framework of activities and assess the effectiveness of the use of images in engaging students in the practice of English outside the classroom, enabling learners to customise the content of the course, encouraging critical thinking and providing students with a personalised learning experience. The audience will also have access to the data collected and the opportunity to assess the applicability of the tool in different learning contexts.

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