Sónia Ferreirinha Talks about her Experience at the Image Conference in Lisbon


Sónia Ferreirinha, teacher and teacher trainer, talks about her experience at the Image Conference in Lisbon.

What did you enjoy about The Image Conference?

The welcoming atmosphere and a very friendly and positive sharing environment among speakers and participants; the Conference programme; the support of the organization team and helpers from the host school.

How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to?

It was focused on a particular theme which is very popular nowadays – the power of image!

Sum up your talk briefly.

My presentation  just aimed to share one from the vast resources availabe on the internet – The MoMA. At the same time to share with teachers the possibility to go beyond course books and bring some novelty into the classroom, talking about art and giving students the possibility to think critically and to be creative using English to understand, either by reading or listening, and to communicate. 

What were the main discussion points to arise in The Image Conference?

We are bombarded every day with loads of images but we need to look and think critically when analyzing and discussing them. After my session and Ben Goldstein’s session I’ve realized that images are even more powerful than I thought. Different students, people can have different perceptions and we need to accept them especially in the classroom.

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