Magdalena Brzezinska Talks about her Session at the Image Conference



Magdalena has been an EFL teacher for over 20 years and a teacher trainer for 10 years. She taught practical English and sociolinguistics to English Philology students at the University of Warmia and Masuria, Poland. Now she is  teaching junior high school students. She likes to combine regular and online activities.




You can read more about Magdalena’s session here:

Peace Art: Words and Images Interwoven

The session will focus on the notion of peace and its manifestations in images and art. First, peace symbols will be discussed. Then, we will move on to discuss certain peace-related artworks (the ancient sculpture of Irene and three murals created by Banksy). Next, there will follow such activities as writing acrostics forming the word “peace” and writing an interpretation of one of Banksy’s murals from the point of view of the main character. The session has been tested with my students, who came up with meaningful interpretations of peace artworks and very interesting acrostics.


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