Daniel Xerri talks about his Image Conference experience in Athens

Daniel Xerri, who gave the closing plenary at the Image Conference in Athens, writes about his conference experience.

1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference?
The programme was very well put together and the quality of sessions was very high. The venue was suitable for the number of delegates present and I felt that everyone made me feel welcome.

2. How was The Image Conference different from other conferences you’ve been to?
The fact that this year’s conference had a thematic focus related to such global issues as migration and the refugee crisis made the conference even more special.

3. What were the main discussion points to arise in The Image Conference?
I feel that a number of sessions made the audience think about how multimodal resources could be exploited for the purpose of developing learners’ values and beliefs.

4. Are there any innovations to the format of the Image Conference that you would like to see in the future?
Continuing with the idea of giving the conference a thematic focus might be one way of improving the conference experience for delegates. Experimenting with a variety of session formats might also help to vary the programme.

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