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  Helena Mota Lopes is a teacher, trainer and researcher based in Portugal. Here she talks about her session “From reader to writer/illustrator: citizenship in the EFL classroom” at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Saturday 14th October. Getting young teenagers to read and participate in a book discussion with enthusiasm is quite often a

  Teacher educator, author and educational consultant Sandie Mourao talks about her plenary session “Picturebooks and their films: multimodality on pages and screens” at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Saturday 14th October.     Biodata Sandie Mourão (PhD) is a teacher educator, author and educational consultant. She is co-editor of ‘Early Years Second Language

  Helena Oliveira and Celeste Simões are both Portugal-based teachers and trainers. Here they talk about their session “The Power of Images in the Classroom”, at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Friday 13th October.  You don’t need to be a tech savvy to make your lessons more motivating for your students; the right image will

  Jade Blue is a teacher, trainer, research consultant and editor based in Brighton. Here she talks about her session “Learner Generated Visuals” which she will be presenting at the Image Conference in Lisbon on 13th October. From timelines to illustrations, the term ‘Learner Generated Visuals’ covers any visual or image created by the learner

  Teacher, trainer, researcher and writer Sylvia Karastathi talks about her  session “Adapting Museum Education Resources for Language Learning” at the Image Conference in Lisbon on 13th October. Within a new communicative landscape where multimodal communication is the norm, still and moving images are gaining ground even in traditional educational settings. The inclusion of aspects

Magdalena Dygala is a teacher and trainer based in Poland. Read an article and watch a video in which she talks about her session on  at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Saturday 14th October.   Using technology in the EFL classroom has become widespread in today’s educational environment. Belonging to a fast-paced generation, students can become dependent

  Frank McGirr is  a teacher and photographer based in Gernmany. Here Frank  talks about his session on  at the Image Conference in Lisbon. I am an advocate of flipped learning who has developed pioneering new ways of using the approach in language learning. Student centred,self-discovery lies at the heart of flipped learning, a characteristic

  Dave Tucker is Portugal-based teacher, trainer,  and author. Watch a video and read an article in which Dave talks about his session on multisensory learning at the Image Conference in Lisbon on Friday evening, 13th October.   Remember times when you ask your students to bring along something from home for the next lesson? It might

We are delighted to announce that the provisional schedule for The Image Conference in Lisbon on 13th and 14th October is now available. Speakers include leading experts in the use of image in language education such as Antonia Clare, Carmen Herrero, Sandie Mourao, Ben Goldstein, Anna Whitcher, Paul Dummett, Sylvia Karastathi , Dave Tucker, Elena Romero, Jelena

Andréia Zakime, who talked about the effectiveness of the use of images in engaging students in the practice of English outside the classroom, talks about her experience at the Image Conference in Valetta, Malta. 1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference? Getting together and exchanging ideas with professionals who are interested in making better