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Ceri Jones Talks about her Image Conference Experience

Teacher, trainer and writer Ceri Jones talks about her experience as both a speaker and delegate at The Image Conference. 1. What did you enjoy about The Image Conference? So many things, but mainly the way it flowed so easily and naturally from session to session, with enough time in between to talk to old […]

Ceri Jones’s Teaser for Saturday

  Ceri Jones gives us a teaser for her session Unleashing the Power of Images at The Image Conference in Barcelona on 8th June.   [slideshare id=22592624&doc=unleashingthepowerofimagesteaser-130607034942-phpapp01]   Read more about Ceri and her session here.    Unleashing the Power of Images Keynote Ceri Jones Richmond 15.00 – 16.00 Aula magna From digital cameras to mental […]

Interview with Ceri Jones

Teacher, trainer and writer Ceri Jones talks about herself and her session at The Image Conference. Your favourite film: I always find any question with “favourite” in it so difficult to answer.  My mind immediately either goes blank and I either can’t even think of one example or a huge list parades before my inner […]