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Maria Barberi and Michael Evripides talk about their session at the Image Conference

Maria Barberi and Michael Evripides give us a preview of their session “Towards building an inclusive society” at the Image Conference in Athens. A scenario for an online game, a group art exhibition held on the train platform of the old Theatre-railway (Rouf, Athens), and visuals sketched exclusively for this talk, are all brought together […]

Christina Chorianopoulou Talks about her Session at the Image Conference in Athens

Christina Chorianopoulou writes about her session “Ventures In Vocation: English Learning In Teen Game-Based Classes” at the Image Conference in Athens. Some ideas spark in our minds because of a need; a need to learn or to improve, or perhaps a need to simply belong. When adolescent students come seeking to fulfill those needs, but […]

Paul Driver Answers The Image Conference Questionnaire

Teacher, graphic designer and writer Paul Driver answers The Image Conference questionnaire.   Your favourite film/work of art/video game: My favourite film is Memento. It’s a very game-like film in many ways as the disjointed sequencing of scenes challenges the viewer to actively contend with a writhing plot. As an artist myself I find Lucian […]