Brasilia 2013

Speakers at Brasilia 2013

Vinicius Lemos has been a teacher for 17 years. He is an online education and mobile learning enthusiast.

Vinícius Alves has been teaching for 2 years. As a self-taught learner, studying interesting ways to teach EFL is his main goal as an EFL teacher.

Valéria França has worked in ELT for over 20 years. She is the Head of Teacher Development at Cultura Inglesa S/A. She enjoys working alongside teachers and running development sessions. She is the First Vice President of BRAZ-TESOL.

Stephen Greene is a freelance writer, teacher and teacher trainer.  He has been working in Brazil for over 15 years and is interested in ways to motivate students to be more independent learners.  He runs the Tailor Made English website.

Roseli Serra has taught English for over 25 years. Psychologist, graduated in Language Arts, teacher trainer, e-moderator , ELT consultant, blogger and materials writer. She’s doing a long-distance MA in ELT at the University of Reading in UK.

Patricia Faustino holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from UNB. She does volunteer work for Educadores Globais in development courses for public school teachers. She is retired from the public sector and also works for Casa Thomas Jefferson, where she has been a teacher for more than 27 years.

Luiz Eduardo Ribeiro has been an English teacher since 2005. He took his Teacher Training Course at RLC schools in 2004. He is currently teaching at Casa Thomas Jefferson.

Lucia Santos is currently the Executive Director at the Casa Thomas Jefferson. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from UnB. Her main field of interest is in English phonetics and phonology and the relationship of brain and learning.

Justine Arena combines her international experience and passion for new technologies to engage her students in language learning.

Graham Stanley is the British Council’s project manager for Plan Ceibal English in Uruguay. His special interest is in the use of emerging technologies in the language classroom. He is author of Language Learning with Technology (CUP, 2013) and co-author of Digital Play: Computer games and language aims (Delta, 2011), which was winner in the Innovation for

Giselle Santos has taught English for over twenty years and currently works as an Academic Coordinator at the Cultura Inglesa RJ/BSB/RS/GO/ES. Her interests include innovation strategies, new technologies, and urban art.

Denise de Felice is an Academic coordinator at CTJ; MA in Applied Linguistics from UnB; member of the Society for Neuroscience. Her main field of study relates to bridging brain research and teaching and learning.

David Deubelbeiss is a professor, educational consultant and teacher trainer currently at the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada. He is a leader in promoting the use of technology in language teaching and the use of social media in education. He is the Director of Education at EnglishCentral. Find him online at

Daniela A. Meyer (MA in Applied Linguistics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ) is an Academic Consultant for Cambridge University Press.  She has been a teacher and a teacher trainer in EFL for more than 30 years, having taught both in Brazil and abroad.

Daniela Lyra is a teacher and member of the Ed-Tech Team at Casa Thomas Jefferson. She strongly believes technology can significantly maximize learning opportunities.

Cleide Frazão has been an EFL teacher for 22 years and constantly uses drawings to maximize opportunities for learning and facilitate comprehension of language structure.

Claudia Batista has a degree in Social Communications and Teaching License in English. She is a public school teacher and is currently taking a Master’s degree course in Applied Linguistics, at the University of Brasilia, developing research in intercultural competence.

Carla Arena works at Casa Thomas Jefferson and is responsible for the Ed Tech and Digital Communication area. She is passionate about teaching and considers herself a lifelong learner. She loves blogging, and you can join her at

Ana Rosa Marwell has a degree in Spanish and is a specialist in Inclusive Education. She works at Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Brasília with Special Education Needs students, including the deaf. Among her interests is digital storytelling.

Ana Maria Menezes is an EFL teacher, teacher developer, edtech specialist and researcher. Apart from teaching English to teenagers, she moderates an online course on tech integration for teachers . At the moment, she is writing her M.A. dissertation on social presence in virtual environments.

Kieran Donaghy is a teacher, teacher trainer and writer who works at UAB Idiomes Barcelona. He has Master’s degree in ELT and Business Communication. He is particularly interested in the use of film in language teaching, he is the co-author of Films in Health Sciences Education and his site on the use of film has won an ELTons