Barcelona 2013

Speakers at Barcelona 2013

Almerinda Garibaldi holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from UNB and she is the President of Educadores Globais. She also volunteered for Partners of the Americas and worked as a teacher in the public sector for more than 25 years.

Kieran Donaghy is a teacher, teacher trainer and writer who works at UAB Idiomes Barcelona. He has Master’s degree in ELT and Business Communication. He is particularly interested in the use of film in language teaching, he is the co-author of Films in Health Sciences Education and his site on the use of film has won an ELTons

Laura Vazquez has been teaching Spanish and Spanish Cinema for over 10 years. She is now writing her dissertation on intercultural studies and cinema. She loves multiculturalism, new technologies and learning about other cultures. She works as a Faculty Advisor Educational Technology and teaches Spanish at IES Abroad Barcelona. She also works as a Spanish cinema and culture teacher at CEA Barcelona. She has

Kyle Mawer is an award winning digital play expert, blogger, author of the teacher development book ‘Digital Play’ and international presenter on the use of video games in ELT. He works at the British Council Young Learner centre in Barcelona, where he has been using video games in class with his language learners for several

Working in ELT for over 25 years, Fiona is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer based in Cáceres. She regularly teacher-trains in Spain and other countries, and is the co-author of Interface (for ESO, Macmillan) and Motivate (for Bachillerato, Edelvives). She writes or runs 4 blogs (including macappella and Take a photo and…), and

Ian James has been teaching English in Barcelona since 1988. He has worked for International House and the British Council, and currently holds a teaching post at the Servei de Llengües of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He gives talks and workshops on the use of technology in language teaching and publishes a blog called

Ceri Jones is a freelance teacher, trainer and materials writer.  She has been working in ELT since 1986. She has worked in Italy, Hungary, Spain and the UK teaching, training and managing mainly in – and for – the private sector.  She is particularly interested in student-centred materials and activities.  She writes about her thoughts,

Mark McKinnon teaches English at UAB Idiomes, Barcelona. He is also a tutor on the LTCL Diploma. Mark is co-author (with Lindsay Clandfield) of Skillful Level 4 Listening and Speaking (Macmillan) He has also written materials for Macmillan’s Straightforward and Global coursebooks, and is currently writing a series of Infograph lessons for the Global website.

Paul Braddock is the web manager of Teaching English, the British Council’s website for teachers. He lives and works in Barcelona, where he was previously a senior teacher at the British Council YL centre, responsible for the training & development programme. He has lived and worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Lisbon, Budapest,

John Hughes has worked in ELT for over twenty years as a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies. He regularly runs training and workshops for teachers in different countries, including a course in ELT writing at Oxford University. He is a well-known author and co-author of ELT course books and video materials. His latest

Steve Muir has worked in ELT for over twenty years. He has taught English to young learners and adults in the UK, Egypt, Hong Kong and Spain. He lives in Madrid and works at the British Council in Alcalá de Henares.

Paul is a language teacher, researcher, teacher trainer, graphic designer and illustrator lecturing at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in northern Portugal.  His main research interests focus on the combined roles of play, space, the body, media, architecture, technology and game dynamics in how we learn. He is currently leading a growing number of ongoing projects exploring

Lindsay Clandfield is a teacher, teacher trainer and an international award winner author of Global, Macmillan’s new course for adults. Lindsay has written numerous books for teachers and learners of English and had a column on teaching tips in the Guardian Weekly newspaper. He is the series editor of the Delta Teacher Development series and co-founder of

Gerard currently works as a CELTA and DELTA trainer at IH Barcelona and is a co-author of Next Generation, a Bachillerato coursebook. He has also written several teacher books for McGraw Hill (Platform) and Heinle (Outcomes). He is a board member of TESOL-SPAIN as Online Resources Officer and Webmaster. He is also an ambassador for

George Chilton has taught English as a second language to young learners, teenagers and adults in South Korea and Barcelona, Spain. George is interested in high and low-tech student-centred classes, with a focus on using authentic materials. He began the lesson sharing blog Designer Lessons ( ) in December 2012, and has since moved into TEFL

Neil McMillan, currently teaching and teacher-training at Oxford House in Barcelona, has spent most of his career in his native Scotland, working in the Further Education system with groups of asylum seekers and refugees, and passing his Diploma in 2004. He is currently interested in high- and low-tech teaching, how English is taught in developing countries,

Ben Goldstein has taught English for over twenty years and currently works on The New School’s MATESOL program (New York). He is lead author of the adult coursebook series New Framework and The Big Picture (Richmond). He has also published Working with Images and English Unlimited Advanced (Cambridge). His interests in ELT include images, intercultural issues, World Englishes and identity.

Jamie Keddie is a European-based teacher, teacher trainer and writer.